142. Reconnecting to Yourself with Lauren Donahue

Lauren Donahue is an expert in health, wellness, and mind-body connection. She developed a 9-step process to help individuals disconnect to reconnect back to their true self—a process she learned from living in a cave for almost 60 days. This brought about an awakening of who she is, who she wants to help, and how to help others connect to themselves.

We don’t always know that we are disconnected from ourselves when we need to reconnect. It takes a moment of hitting rock bottom and realizing we don’t recognize ourselves before we can make the change. If that happened to you, or this is the moment that prompts you to examine yourself, here’s how you can move forward with intention.


How to Navigate 2021 With Lessons Learned

  • Everything starts with your morning routine, and your morning routine actually starts the night before. Be intentional about how you go to sleep and what you’re thinking about.
  • Plug into your purpose, connect to yourself, and fill yourself up with information that serves you. Binging Netflix is fine sometimes, as long as it’s done with intention instead of avoidance.
  • Try to unplug. Avoid using your phone and go analog.
  • Focus on how you’re going to nourish your mind, body, soul, or relationships, and write that down.
  • Declare what you want to happen today — and say it out loud!


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