"Your business is 100% a reflection of how you lead it. If you are not growing, it won't either."

Kareen Walsh

CEO | Entrepreneur | Business Coach | Strategist

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Looking for 1:1 Advisory and Business Growth Guidance?

Growth minded entrepreneurs and business leaders know how to invest in themselves and their businesses by making sure they are not getting in the way of their ultimate success.

You know the value of asking for help and having someone walk alongside them on their leadership growth journey.

Most entrepreneurs and start up leaders wait too long to get the guidance and support they need, they waste money on services and people who are not aligned with their growth goals, and they constantly start dipping back into the "doing" over owning their business. 

A growth focused entrepreneur,

knows that you can accelerate the growth of their business, consciously lead your teams, and serve your clients, by hiring a coach and strategic adviser to hold you accountable and assist you in trouble shooting which strategic direction or step you should take next.

The first step is to get clarity on the best next step in your business. If that is what you are looking for, apply for one of my Elite 1:1 Coaching spots!

That's Me!

Dr. Abe Malkin

CEO, ConciergeMD/Drip Hydration

Kareen has been such an amazing Advisor to work with to help align my business strategy with the aligned leadership team and operational infrastructure. I enjoy having the ability to discuss anything with her, and come away from our calls with tangible actions. 

Aimeelene Gaspar

CEO, LionX

Working with Kareen 1:1 has allowed me to navigate the strategy around building my start up and gives me the confidence to go big, and make it happen!

Katie Robbins

CEO, Uncorked Kitchen

As co-owners of a new start up trying to grow our business, hiring Kareen as an Executive Leadership and Strategic Growth Coach helped start year 3 with a stronger skillset, partnership, and growth plan for our business. Love having access to her when we need to pivot.

Kareen's Strategic Approach

Initiating Strategic Advisement for your business starts with a half day immersive session where I get under the hood of your business.

We assess the following:

  • What line of business are you in and what are your business goals?
  • Map out the role you want to play in your business.
  • Outline who you need in your business to help you build it.
  • Clarify who your ideal client is
  • Clarify what they are willing to invest in for your products/services.
  • Then we compare this strategy against what you already have in place for you to fill the gaps.

After the initial immersive session, we determine how best to support you going forward. and if there is a frequency for us to continue to meet.

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Yes! And Are you ready to make a 4-5 figure investment for a 7 figure return in your business?

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Scott Roen

Managing Director, BlackRock 
Kareen is both process guru and professional coach all wrapped up in one. Our organization and my leadership are stronger thanks to her.

Chris Harder

CEO, For The Love Of Money
Kareen snaps me back into what I need to focus on as a leader to ensure sustainable growth is in play at all times.

Michelle Johnson

Owner, The Anchor Group
Kareen gets it. She just knows exactly how to carve a path for how I can achieve my goals by listening to my needs, understanding my vision, and coaches me to step into action. 

About Kareen

Here's the deal, I don't know how to turn off providing solutions, methods, and services to help you achieve what you truly desire in life and business.  

As an seasoned 7 figure business building Entrepreneur, Investor , Business Advisor & Coach, Author, and Podcaster, I want you to leverage the strategies, methods, and communication skills of top performers in the industry.  

If you landed here, you are probably searching for ways to scale your personal and professional growth by building the career and business you dream of. If that is the case, I am here to walk alongside you.

I have taken my years running top performing teams in complex environments, helping start ups scale to successful operationally sound businesses, to assist my clients in achieving their monetary and impact based goals by leveraging my lessons learned. Building a strong 7 figure business of my own, I know what it takes to lead, leverage, and let go in order to success.

To jump into action, you need guidance. To accelerate your growth, it's best to learn from those who have gone before you. Easiest way to assess how my team and I can help you is to simply connect with me today.

It is my honor to walk alongside you!


Initiate your coaching relationship with Kareen by submitting this application.

Not everyone is a fit for Kareen's style of coaching, so once you fill out the application form, it will be reviewed and her assistant will reach out to schedule your consult to make sure that you are a fit for her practice. She only has limited slots for 1:1 Elite Coaching per month. Your start date will depend on her availability. Fill out this form and you will be contacted shortly afterwards for Step 2.  

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