155. Navigating Trauma in the Present Past

When we deal with trauma at a young age, it often shows up throughout our lives in ways we can’t immediately recognize. 

In our last episode with Natasha Dewhirst, she asked about how to translate what she’s trying to offer to attract her ideal clients. This question ended up leading to a discussion of how to manage through trauma and having consciousness around where trauma could be holding us back.

It’s important to identify the ways trauma has forced us to cope and how we can manage those behaviors effectively. Only then can we master our behavior to make the best of every situation.


How to Navigate Trauma From Your Past Today

  • Dealing with trauma usually causes us to adapt in order to move past it. These adaptations can be helpful in some situations but hold us back in others.
  • Recognize what those adaptations are and what situations they serve you in, as well as the situations that don’t.
  • It may be helpful to shut off that adaptation completely while you discover what the best settings are for that side of you to show up.
  • Unearthing trauma is not an easy feat. It’s something that should be done with the help of professionals.


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