148. Best Time Management Tools

I have had an interesting start to the year. There have been a number of distractions that popped up, but they haven’t been all bad. They have forced me to leverage my time intentionally, in a way that allows me to integrate all of the things that matter to me.

This made me realize that the topic of time management is something that we could all benefit from. When you are feeling the struggle of not having enough time, or not achieving all that you had hoped to by now, it’s important to maximize the time you have in order to live the fulfilled life that you want. You can always improve in the journey to mastering your time.


How to Maximize Your Time

  • Define where you are trying to go. What is your vision, and what are the goals that are going to help you achieve that vision?
  • Find clarity on what you want to achieve across the five pillars: Health, Mindset, Career, Wealth, and Relationships.
  • To achieve all of this is going to require segmenting your time against each one in order to move the needle.
  • Make sure you are time blocking what needs to occur on a daily or weekly basis so that you inch forward on each of these.
  • Define what your blocks of time are going to be. List out the activities you are doing for each of your five pillars.
  • Break down what your operating hours are, and define the time you’re going to block out with zero interruption.


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