146. Aligning Your Energy | with Miranda Mitchell

When you’re trying to optimize or transform your business, where do you start? The answer actually isn’t in your business at all — it’s in who you are. Because if you don’t understand what your greatest strengths and weaknesses are, you’re not going to be able to lean into your superpower.

There are a lot of ways to learn about yourself, but I’ve found a lot of value in Human Design, and Miranda Mitchell has been an invaluable resource throughout my inner journey. She’s an Energetic Alignment Coach and Human Design Specialist that helps entrepreneurs get energetically aligned so that they can create a life and business with freedom and ease.

Miranda has had numerous experiences in her life that have brought her so much work and struggle, and she shares her journey of living in poverty, moving out at 14, being in an abusive marriage, and taking each of those experiences as an opportunity to learn and connect with what she truly wanted for herself. When she was introduced to Human Design, it helped her identify and navigate who she is and how to show up in the world today, and now she shares that with all of you.


How to Apply Human Design to Raise Self-Awareness

  • Human Design breaks people into one of five different energetic blueprint types that receive and put out energy in different ways: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Reflector, and Projector.
  • Manifestors get inspired, go out and initiate, and have people do the work to finish it.
  • Generators have ideas, but they have to wait for something in the external world to get them started.
  • Projectors wait to respond, but they don’t have consistent energy. They need to take care of themselves and wait for invitations.
  • Reflectors make up about 1% of the population. In order to make a decision, they need to give it time—up to a whole month. We don’t always have that option, but their decisions turn out the best when they can wait and think about it.
  • A simple practice to start getting self-awareness and tapping into your design: spend 3 minutes journaling in the morning, just pouring your thoughts onto paper, and then spend 3 minutes in mindful meditation or breathwork. Breathing helps to bring in all of the goodness in our lives, and the writing helps to get out all of the clutter.


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