Mastery is ignited by a dreaded word: REPETITION

As we kick off 2020, we are all thinking, what will happen this year that will allow me to step deeper into the life I dream of and actually make it my reality? At least if you are a conscious forward thinking person, these are your initial thoughts. It may have been just a spark, but I know for sure it is in there, because each new year we are met with the reminder to create a new resolution for the year to come, choose your word, and ask what are you going to leave behind in the previous year. Those methods are not enough to actually master the growth you desire. I want to give you something more tangible and definitely actionable, because you know that is what I am all about! 

We are all excited about the freshness of a new year starting and there is an energy around us of enthusiasm and joy, then we take off our earbuds of streaming positivity, and start to soak in the noise around us, and poof in an instant it is all gone! We are immediately back to a space that brings us down. It should not be that easy to change our energy and dull our true desires. When moments like this happen, and we are sustaining the energy where we can’t wait for the day to be over. We just want to go back to your habit of binge watching Netflix at night so we can avoid facing the unfulfilled life we have built. We start to lean into doubt vs. wonder. Our dreams can feel so farfetched and in the distant and we are so weary from just surviving each day, that we get overwhelmed by what is possible, it’s easier to just stop dreaming and stay in our comfort zone of discontent. It’s so heavy right? 

Take a deep breath in, now exhale. That state of being is all in your head and totally under your control to create something different. 

If you can relate to the above, I want to help you break free from the cycle and find the means to decrease the amount of time you wait for the life you truly want to show up, and master how you start to master bringing your true energy into NOW. In order to do that, you need to be willing to get a little uncomfortable and lean into curiosity and learning something new about yourself.

Mastery is ignited by a dreaded word: repetition, for me at least. 

I say dreaded because you truly have to repeat what fills you up, over and over again until it is a part of you that you soon realize, you can not live without. I use mastery as your guide because it means there is progress to be made with each step, and only you can define what mastery means to you. I personally struggle with repetition. I grew up with the saying, “practice makes perfect”, which makes me want to physically melt into the floor and disappear because IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT!  The true end result of practice, i.e. repeating something, is that you know or can do something better than you did when you first tried. 

Putting the word, “perfection” with practice, forces you to measure up to something that is true to you. Repeating activities to master something to the level that it fills you up each time, that is the type of repetition that makes sense to me. I can ask myself, whole-heartedly, is this something I want to master and repetition is no longer as dreaded. 

I like variety because it means I am learning something new. Then I realized, if it is something that truly fills me up, excites me, and makes me feel more whole, the only way to know for sure that is true, is if when I repeat it, it raises my level of fulfillment again and again. Mastery comes in when you realize you are doing things that at first was uncomfortable, hard, made you stretch, that now is like second nature because the impact of the actions fit perfectly and heed the results you desire

I had to redefine repetition, and focus on methods to master that allow me to step into the life I design that represents me. 

Here’s what I know for sure: 

  • For me to repeat something it needs to be practical and easy. 
  • It needs to be impactful and effective. 
  • I also know that everything I do starts with the right mindset first. No matter how capable my body may be, if my mind is not right, it’s not happening. 

As you know, I am a woman of impact, as I began to master something for myself, I have to find ways to share it with others so they can benefit too. I know I am not the only one who struggled with finding the tools to leverage in order to create the life they truly desire. 

As I think about my mission, which is to be a source for you to create a deeper connection to yourself, continue to test self inflicted boundaries, and be the source to show you what’s possible - sharing ways to help you raise your level of mastery is the best way for me to create a ripple effect. Kicking off the new year, I am challenging myself to be more intentional about connecting on a deeper level and providing methods, tools, and tips that help you step forward with ease. I believe when you master yourself, you can master every arena you step into.

As you look at your vision for this year, and your desired life you want to create for yourself, is it clear? If we were to sit down for coffee right now, face to face, would you be able to articulate to me what you want? I mean a crystal clear vision, would you be able to describe it to me? 

It is 100% OK if the answer is “No!” And if just asking you this question makes you uncomfortable, and uneasy because you don’t have an answer, GOOD! 

That means something is brewing inside you that wants to come out, and just needs time and the right questions to help you get it out of your system. 

I know this, because that is exactly how I react when I am asked a question that my soul has the answer to, but I have muffled it with so much noise, that it is hard to articulate. When I realized all I needed was to set time aside to focus on what I really want, write it down, and then break it down into tangible actions, I became a master at achieving with intention. My fulfillment factor is sustained at a higher level because I am clear on the desired outcome. I am clear on what I will say YES to and what will be deferred. Here’s the secret sauce, I don’t wait until the end of the year to do this. I periodically do it every time I have achieved what I outlined, and I leverage the tools again and define what I want from that moment forward. 


I want to gift you the method I leverage, my Strategic Life Planning (SLP) Mastery Workbook. By setting up some time to go through this workbook, you will achieve the following:

  1. Identify and define your Ultimate Life Vision
  2. Build an action plan
  3. Clarity on the first steps to take, right now!

Click here to grab your copy of the SLP Mastery workbook. 

This will be your starting point to start to get your thoughts out of your mind, onto paper, and into action. Remember the first time you start something new, it will feel uncomfortable and you may feel uneasy. Trust in the process and follow through, this is one method I know you will want to master. No matter what stage in life you are in, you can benefit from this method. If you are trying to accelerate into a specific level of your life or business, you can leverage these tools. The reason I call it the Strategic Life Planning Mastery, is that your life reflects your choices. Once you master how you step into your life, the rest falls in line. Ready. Set. Let’s grow!


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