94. How to Find Aligned Partnerships | with Sandy Vo & Melissa Martin of Ladies Aligned

Chocolate and peanut butter, intention and manifestation, Sandy Vo and Melissa Martin: just a few great tastes that taste great when aligned together.

These two really do make a great pair, too, as co-founders of Ladies Aligned. Sandy is a modern-day spiritual teacher, conscious branding business strategist, and the host of PROSPEROUS. Melissa is an abundance coach, wealth mindset expert, and the host of Boldly Courageous. Together, they combine the high-concept spiritual lessons and the tactical business strategies in a fun, accessible, and inclusive community that any woman can benefit from.

And something truly magical does happen when you’re able to find that aligned partnership or community, which is why Sandy and Melissa created Ladies Aligned in the first place — to create a community of empowering women who are devoted to encouraging each other to lead a life and business in alignment to our truest selves when they couldn’t find one.

So, in this episode, Sandy and Melissa are going to share what it means to come together as partners in business and remind us about the value of partnership. We don’t have to walk this path alone, we don’t have to build alone, and we can find complementary and aligned action when we lean on another’s zone of genius.

How to Find Your Business Bestie

  • Fair warning: there’s no way to go about this that doesn’t involve difficult conversations.
  • Whether it’s a business partnership, friendship, attracting your ideal client, or attracting your ideal life partner, you need to figure out beforehand who they are, what their values are, what their pain points are, and areas of transformation that you could provide. 
  • Essentially, you want someone whose strengths complement your weaknesses (and vice versa), without sacrificing aligned values.
  • It all starts by getting clarity on yourself, though: what are your values, how do you want to give, and how does it feel good for you to receive? Relationships go both ways — it’s about consciously giving and receiving.
  • If you want some guidance for going inward, go back and check out episode 79. It’s the first of a series of episodes in which I walk you through some of my favorite Strategic Life Planning exercises.
  • From there, you just have to talk to people. Get honest and have conversations about these topics that we don’t normally talk about. That’s the only way to do this work consciously. If you’re respectful and everyone approaches the conversation with the goal of mutual awareness, it should only strengthen your relationships even if you find that you’re not in alignment as business partners.

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