163. Integrative Health in Your Business

In our most recent Clevr Talk, we brought business leaders and health-focused practitioners together to talk about integrative health in business. Frank Blaney, an international consultant and trainer, and Samantha Fitzsimons, community stakeholder relations at SE Health, offer their expertise to this topic that is constantly growing in importance.

We talk about the clear trends involving integrative health in business and offer solutions for thinking about it yourself and being proactive in starting a dialogue in the workplace.


How Integrative Health is Changing in Business:

  • Caregivers in the workplace is a growing concern. We are seeing clues of a sandwich generation which may end up being responsible for both the caretaking of their children and their parents, and the workplace needs to be able to find ways to support them.
  • We are seeing a shift toward more openly talking about mental health. Simply having these discussions, in any setting, is surprisingly impactful.


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