162. 5 Pillars of Integrative Health

If you’re anything like me, getting your health and fitness under control in the first part of 2021 has been a challenge. I’ve had to step back and listen to what my body and mind truly need in order to operate like the high-functioning badass that I am in other areas of my life. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months about how to take an integrative approach to my health.

Let’s take a look at what integrative health looks like in your business, in your goals, and in every other part of your life. Because integration is required in order to be ready for whatever phase you’re moving into next.


How to Assess the 5 Pillars of Integrative Health

  • Physical Health: How physically fit are you? Do you feel strong, well rested, invigorated? Are there any obvious health problems?
  • Mental Health: Do you have a daily mental health practice such as meditation or journaling? Do you get the emotional support you need from others when you need it?
  • Financial Health: This is strictly data — how much money are you bringing in proportional to what you spend? How consistent and steady is your income?
  • Relationship Health: How do you feel in your primary relationships? Your relationship with your clients? Your friends and community?
  • Career Health: Is your career on the trajectory that you hoped for? Are things getting better, or worse? Do you feel fulfilled in the way you are making money?
  • Then, rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 in each pillar to find out where you need to focus your energy, while always being careful to not ignore the other areas.


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