157. 3 S's to Up-Level Your Career

In my interview with Michelle Johnson, she asked how she can get out of the weeds in her business. She had to quickly pivot to building a new revenue stream when live events all but disappeared during the pandemic. But now she’s wondering how she can continue to sustain and scale that revenue while also going back to the things she loves.

Let’s dive into the framework that will allow you to figure out what works best for you in your career and business so that you can step into 2021 truly aligned with what you want in your growth. Regardless of what’s going on around you, this method of how to scale and grow will continue to work for you.


3 S's to Up-Level Your Career

  • Decide what you want to do with the revenue stream that you’ve built or the career choice you’ve made and what direction you want to take it. Here are the 3 S’s to consider:
  • Do you want to Sustain it? It's working for you and you can keep it going as-is.
  • Do you want to Scale it? The model is working but you don’t necessarily want to do it all yourself.
  • Do you want to Shut it down? It’s not working and you need to give yourself permission to step away.
  • Look at your business as a whole: What are all the things you are selling, what are the products in place, and what are all the levels of service? What out of all of those brings you the most joy?


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