156. The Power in the Pivot | with Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson is the CEO and founder of the Anchor Group, which specializes in full-service meeting and event management. 

As you can probably guess, hospitality and live event management are some of the industries hit hardest during the coronavirus pandemic. But Michelle managed to keep her business going through strategic pivoting. Through her story, she’s going to help you learn what it means to pivot in your industry, stay above the board in your business, and keep a smile on your face while making things happen.


How to Pivot Your Business Model Effectively

  • Shutting down should not be an option. When your current business model dries up, pivoting is the only way to make sure you stay in business.
  • Look for opportunities to capitalize on the situation happening. Whatever is causing your business to shrink is also going to create opportunities elsewhere.
  • Learn everything you can about the changing environment. When in-person events dried up, Michelle took the time to learn everything she could about virtual platforms so that she could quickly operate as an expert in those fields.
  • Use the expertise you’ve already gained and find a way to leverage it in whatever new field you are pivoting to. This is the fun part! Get creative.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Find a subject matter expert in the field you are planning on working in, combine your expertise, and grow your businesses together.


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