153. Discipline Is the Best Example of Love | with Amy Ledin

I talk about the five pillars of my life all the time: Health, mental wellness, career, financial wellness, and relationships. When I think about how to show love in health, one person in particular comes to mind...

Amy Ledin is someone who inspires me daily. She shows up every day like a badass, stays on top of her health (and has fun doing it!), and is so open about sharing all of the changes and transformations she has had to go through to be standing here today. And she has not only overcome her own personal challenges, she’s also helped thousands of people get connected and love themselves through their own journey.

The key to her personal success is through showing discipline in her life. And no, discipline is not punishment! In fact, discipline is one of the greatest ways we can love on ourselves. Because what is discipline but keeping the promises we make to ourselves? And we always keep our promises to the people we love most.


Setting up a Daily Practice of Discipline

  • We each have our “inner bitch” and “inner boss.” The inner bitch is the critic inside of us and it comes from a place of being out of alignment with our best selves.
  • Amy Ledin creates what she calls “daily agreements” in five categories: Behavior, activity, nutrition, growth, and career. Listen to that inner critic and where it’s nagging you and make one agreement in each category to appease it.
  • Any time you miss an agreement, turn your loss into a learning by writing down two strategies of what you could do differently next time.


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