140. Aligning Your Leadership Stance in the New Year | with Kelli Wingo

Kelli Wingo is the founder and chief vision and strategy officer of KMW Catalyst, a leadership and development consultancy dedicated to transforming the business experience into the human experience through entrepreneurial culture, employee experience, vision, and strategy.

She worked in the financial services industry for 25 years before she felt like she hit a wall and something was missing for her. It was time for a change. She couldn’t spend another 20 years going into meetings that strived for solutions but often came away with more problems. It was then that coaching came to her, and she knew that was the next step.

She talks about how to become an intrapreneur, which is instilling the entrepreneurial spirit, direction, and capabilities within somebody else’s business. She is going to help you define—and find—what an aligned workplace looks like for you.

How to Communicate Well & Work as a Team

  • You have to listen to understand others first and acknowledge what they have said.
  • Validate how they feel, and talk about your perspective using language around how you feel.
  • You have to be a professional boundary setter. Setting boundaries does not mean always saying no, it’s about using your “yes” or “no” strategically.
  • In meetings, think about what you are all trying to accomplish together and what you have done well in the past.


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