136. The Power of Optimized Time Management

How do you make sure you’re focusing on the right things and putting your time into the right activities?

It starts with getting clear on your priorities and then making sure that you are time blocking your calendar to make sure those priorities come first. So often our calendars fill up with other peoples’ obligations before our own, which leaves us less time for the things we care about—and less capable of helping others to our fullest potential.

Let’s look into how you can set up a framework for time blocking that makes sure you put first things first so that you can make the best use of every moment.

How to Set Up a Framework for Time Management

  • Block off time on your calendar to reflect what you need to get done and fit in your obligations. This means putting self-care first before blocking in everyone else.
  • Start by time blocking when you are going to focus on the actions that matter most to you.
  • Be descriptive on how you time block.
  • Until it becomes a habit, make sure you’re setting reminders and blocking it on your calendar so that you can manage your time in the most fulfilling way.


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