134. How to Build Nimble Operations in 2021

We were all handed an unexpected year and left to figure out how to deal with it. While nobody could have predicted what happened in 2020, there are ways to make sure your business is prepared for dips—and spikes—that will allow you to be nimble in your ability to create change in your business structure.

As a leader in your business, you need to figure out how your clients are being serviced and that your company is meeting that demand, all while taking care of your team and staying clear on your initiatives.

I’m going to help you set up your business operations so you can stay nimble and respond to the demands of your business through any circumstances by giving you the framework I follow to help companies stay consistent, remain nimble, and continue to grow and scale their business.

How to Set Up a Nimble Business

  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Who do you need in the room to manage through growth and your clients pain points?
  • Define how you are going to measure improvements regarding the advancement or support of your clients.
  • Make sure you are meeting regularly to go over your progress. The time frame will depend on your business, but do not go more than 30 days without checking in on the progress of your business. If you go any longer you are not nimble, you are stale.
  • Those meetings have to be agenda-driven so that it is clear what you are tackling and how you are making it better.


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