130. Getting Resourceful with Lizy Hoeffer

Lizy Hoeffer is one of the top loan officers in the nation. She’s had to build her career from practically nothing, and then had to rebuild it again a few years back after she lost her job.

Lizy didn’t come from a family of education or wealth. Instead, she relied on her resourcefulness to get to the next step. And today, she shares her thoughts on family and relationships, and how anyone can live more resourcefully.

Some of you are sitting in overwhelm when it comes to your finances, or you’re unsure how to leverage the money you have because this year didn’t turn out how you expected it to. If you’re sitting in uncertainty right now, let’s talk about how you can leverage this time and make the most out of it.

How to Leverage Resourcefulness in Your Life:

  • Growing up poor, Lizy was always afraid of losing everything. That motivation helped to drive her to work the long hours necessary to build a business. But now that she’s more successful, she’s having to overcome that fear because it begins to be detrimental. Find the mindset and motivation you need to get you started over the initial hurdles, but don’t stay stuck there after it no longer serves you.
  • Survival was her initial motivation. Find whatever motivation you can to get scrappy, to keep pushing when times are tough, but always be aware that what used to be a strength can eventually turn into a detriment.
  • To get resourceful with your money, you need to have a budget and financial strategy is economy-proof. Lizy suggests learning to live off of 70% of your take-home income.
  • Invest in cash flow opportunities in order to give yourself financial freedom.


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