161. Finding Your Flow with Frank Blaney

Frank Blaney is a leadership development and self-care specialist. He holds an MA in negotiation, conflict resolution, and peace building. Frank shares the tools and tips that he has seen in action on how to make sure you’re building deeper connections with each other, taking care of yourself to the highest level you can, and moving into more of a leadership role as you get through your own self-development and growth.


As leaders, a lot rides on your shoulders, and the stress can be overwhelming. Frank believes that leaders can show up as their best selves when they allow themselves some grace and show faith in the skills that they’ve built up over time.


How to Show Up as a Focused Leader

  • Keep up your daily practice as a leader. The skills that you practice on a daily basis are going to show up instinctively when you need them most.
  • When you’re in a leadership role, your mistakes can have big consequences for the people who work for you. We need to understand that we need to be one whole unit — our minds, our bodies, and our emotions all need to be unified.
  • Leaders need to give themselves grace. Even through making mistakes there is always a lesson to be learned.
  • We still have this domineering mentality when it comes to leadership: The leader talks and people listen. The leader makes a decision and people follow. Instead, we need to focus on a synergistic, collaborative take on leadership.


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