How to generate 6-7 figures in the middle of a pandemic

Navigating how to sustain your clientele, providing services that meet their needs, and pivoting when you are struck with a global pandemic, is not for the weary entrepreneur who has been running their business like a hobby vs. a business.

It takes resourceful and thoughtful action to sustain what you are known for and scale your business during this time. Last year I kicked off my first...

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Closing Out the Year with a BANG!

IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Closing out the year, I love to assess how I did. 

At the beginning of 2017, I set some serious stretch goals. 

#1 - Publish My First Book

#2 - Hit $1M in Revenue through my firm

#3 - Run a 10K

I consistently set goals and reset them as I put effort against them to stay in momentum towards the life I desire. As I close out the year using Tool #6 - Personal...

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Strategic Momentum Podcast Interviews

I have to say it is the coolest thing to be the inaugural interview for a podcast launch of a dear friend Connie Wang-Steel called Strategic Momentum. Connie runs a consulting firm called: Flywheel Associates and has launched a brilliant conversation with other strategists in her network.

I am honored to be one of the strategists she selected for her podcast series. I thought I would...

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