Closing Out the Year with a BANG!

IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Closing out the year, I love to assess how I did. 

At the beginning of 2017, I set some serious stretch goals. 

#1 - Publish My First Book

#2 - Hit $1M in Revenue through my firm

#3 - Run a 10K

I consistently set goals and reset them as I put effort against them to stay in momentum towards the life I desire. As I close out the year using Tool #6 - Personal Retrospective - from my book: Be A Badass: Six Tools to Up-Level Your Life, I am proud of what I have accomplished and know that if I didn't stretch myself to aim for something larger than I had done before, I would not have achieved so much and realized what I was capable of. I also learned what does not work for me and what to let go of so I could make room for other priorities/goals.

#1 - Publishing My First Book -  Be A Badass: Six Tools to Up Level Your LIfe to extend my reach and leverage my personal learning to help others in need of a tool kit to help them achieve their goals. The initial intention of the book was not this clear. I first had to see if I had content that was worth sharing. I took action each day to inch towards accomplishing this seemingly daunting task. I hired a writing coach and a publishing team to help hold me accountable and make sure what I put out into the world is useful. The first pre-ordered books arrived yesterday 12/29 for me to sign.  I can't tell you how awesome it feels to put something together in under a year and have it in my hands to share with all of you! It may be just under the wire at the close of the year, but it happened! I did it! It's crazy and totally worth celebrating! 

#2 - Hit $1M in Revenue through my firm - This was a huge stretch goal for me! In past years I only focused on personal income. Personal income vs. Business Revenue goals did not occur to me until this past year. I purposely went into self-employment selling my own time for money, as an independent consultant, so I could control where I worked and what I did without too much overhead or oversight. This year, stretching myself to think about a huge revenue goal required me to think about how I can obtain it, knowing that unless I personally sold my time for $500/hour and worked 40 hours a week, I could not hit without bringing in others. I extended myself past myself and leveraged my relationships with my clients to see who else they may need. 

Closing the books today, I hit $965,110.50 in Revenue for 2017.

That is a 382% growth from the year prior. The coolest part about hitting this goal is that 80% of this revenue went to helping other people get paid for their services. And most of all, I have happy clients who trust my strategic oversight and the ability to find experts with the qualifications they are looking for. 

I share this with you to encourage you to not only stretch your goals, but stretch your mind and broaden your sight on how to accomplish it. It sometimes takes partnerships and allowing others to step in to assist to help you hit your goal.

#3 - Run a 10K - I started the year all gungho about hitting this goal. I hired a running coaching and ran my first 5K in March 2017. Then I checked in with myself and my personal fulfillment factor (Tool #3 in my book Be A Badass: Six Tools to Up Level Your Life) and realized I am not a runner in my heart. I don't enjoy it. I am not into repetative motion and trying to beat my own time. So when I did my Q3'17 retrospective I realized that focusing on running pulled me away from other priorities that fill my spirit. So, I let it go. I shifted my focus on short bursts of strength moves and dancing to fill my spirit and feed my body. I let go of the goal of a 10K and felt freer for it. My body appreciated it too.

I ended up adding new goals through out the year that were aligned or a result of letting go of what does not serve me, which is what I coach my clients to do. I am proud of the effort I put against each, and am now set up to stretch even further in 2018.

I will be working on my new set of goals in the new year and hope you will join me in leveraging my methods and do the same. I believe, if I can do it, so can any of you. I can't wait to be a part of your Badass Journey!

Happy New Year! Let's beat those stretch goals in 2017!


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