Ask this ONE question to raise fulfillment in the New Year

As this year transitions into the next, I have been thinking about what intensions I want to set that will allow me to personally evolve and enjoy each day more than the last. I know it might sound lofty, but why not? Why not enter the new year with a belief that it can become everything you want it to be and more? If you are shaking your head, and rolling your eyes at me after reading the first few sentences, then you definitely need to implement what I am about to share with you. Stick with me, I got you.

As a recovering over-achiever, you know the version where you push and push to achieve something and don't pay attention to the strain it causes your health, spirituality, and relationships; I now am so intentional on how I speak to myself, how I choose to set my goals, how I act against them, and how I celebrate once I achieve them. The best thing I learned to bring more celebration and joy into my life was to focus on fulfillment over achievement. What I now know for sure is that when you are fulfilled, the achievement automatically comes in the highest form of aligned energy.

Who doesn't want that? A method of reaching your goals in an aligned way that only YOU can define for yourself. 

The Unlearning before the Learning

We are taught, at a young age, a version of success in the systems we are born into. We are taught to compare ourselves to others and measured against them to check boxes of achievements through grades, athletics, income, and titles. How has that model served us? For some it created an essence of self-doubt and lower their expectations of themselves, because could not "measure up", so why bother? (enter raised hand emojii here)

For others, it gave them a drive to keep pushing no matter what the consequence, and when there was a hint of failure, sacrifice to be the best would show up. Both have an underlying message of "You are not enough!" Hence all the therapy we all need to unwind this story, and reprogram ourselves to believe what is true to us. 

The benefits of a measurement based system, is that it gave us all a playing field to understand and decide for ourselves how we wanted to respond. Do we push for that 100, or accept we will always hit 70 because that's what others have told us we are capable of. What I love about being an adult is that I get to choose the playing fields I want to enter. I get to design how I want to step forward. You have that right too.

For this next year ahead, as you are reflecting on what has happened, what you have felt, what you have achieved, and what you want to leave behind this past year, I encourage you to ask this one question to help you focus more on Fulfillment alongside your plans of Achievement. 


When it comes to fulfillment, the energy beneath it is the ability to flow through the act, no matter how hard, and feel an ease in your approach. Most of us sit in overwhelm when we declare our large stretch goals and put our true desires down on paper. We look at where we are now, and where we want to be, and ask, how the heck am I going to get there? 

Before you get crippled by overwhelm, ask the question: What can I do to make this easier? Did you feel the energy shift just by asking that question?

It gives you permission to find a route that is aligned with who you are today, and opens your mind up to curiosity on how you can inch towards your goals with ease. Makes going after it so much easier, doesn't it.

You will find by adding this top question into your daily practice as you charter into the new year, and listen to the answers that come, your velocity towards achieving your goals will be way more fulfilling. Try it for 90 days and see for yourself, it will become a habit that you will lean into often.

I look forward to celebrating you on the other side.

As you kick off the new year and looking for ways to step into aligned action, check out this Clevr Talk where I facilitated my favorite tools to help you get clear on what you want to achieve, set goals, and assess how to keep your level of fulfillment at the forefront.

A great workbook to leverage to kick off the new year is my Strategic Life Planning Workbook.


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