99. How to Build a Life You Obsess Over! | with Lindsey Mango

Are you obsessed with your life? In this turbulent time that we’ve been in, it is so, so important to focus on what you’re obsessed with, what fills you up, and what gets you to jump out of bed. It is critical for leveraging every moment that you have in front of you.

I know that it doesn’t come naturally to most of us — it takes work. But Lindsey Mango is here to help, and she is absolutely full of tips and tools to help you live a life you’re OBSESSED with.

After graduating college, Lindsey Mango found herself feeling stuck, disappointed, and trying to figure out how to live a life that wasn’t just settling. She went through seven jobs that didn’t excite her. She felt thoroughly average. 

Then she hired her first coach, and through that experience, she realized there were options that no one taught her in school. She learned how to build an online business that has seen rapid growth, and now she helps others unlock their mindset so that they can create lives that are more than average, too.

How to Live a Life You’re Obsessed With

  • To identify what you want to change, you need to recognize the symptoms.
  • There are three types of achievers: massive action achievers, knowledgeable achievers, and methodical achievers. There are different symptoms that show up for each type that signal we need some change.
  • Massive action achievers take plenty of action but still don’t see the results they would like.
  • Knowledgeable achievers continue to learn and get degrees and certifications but they never feel like they have everything that they need to get started.
  • Methodical achievers tend to overthink, get stuck in their mind, but they don’t actually do anything.
  • Once you identify which one you fall into and what symptom you’re facing, you need to take the opportunity to grow by stepping out of that cycle in order to see different results.
  • The three things you need to master are your mind, your self, and your action. All three are vital for reaching fulfillment and success.
  • At some point, more action is not going to be the thing that gets you to the next level. You have to align your action WITH your mindset to see results.

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