98. From Trauma to Intuitive Entrepreneur | with Cassandra Shuck

We’ve all dealt with traumas in our life at some point—but what you might not realize is how those traumas are holding you back even today.

Cassandra has been a serial entrepreneur from a very young age, when she cultivated the belief that she had to be self-sufficient to succeed. This mindset helped her to escape from a turbulent, abusive upbringing. Her entrepreneurial endeavors taught her firsthand how trauma manifests itself in different ways—self sabotage, doubting your intuition, and even perfectionism.

Despite these challenges, she was able to create and grow multiple successful businesses, including Tola Marketing + Creative and Milkin’ Cookie, from the ground up. She discovered what it truly takes to leverage trauma and define a new level of income, impact, and fulfillment.

Her story and her journey will help you realize that you can do whatever you want when you get clarity and set your mind to it, and inspire you with how consistently she has been seeking out the next level for herself personally and professionally.

How to Move Past Trauma and Limiting Beliefs

  • Everyone has either “little t” or “big T” trauma, and either of these hold them back from being who they are meant to be.
  • There’s a correlation between trauma and limiting beliefs. Not all limiting beliefs are traumatic, but all trauma is the baseline of a limiting belief.
  • Trauma itself does not define us, but the stories we tell ourselves about what happened do. This leads to feeling out of alignment when we don’t move on from those events.
  • If you’re feeling stuck or out of alignment, take time to breathe and get quiet for a moment and listen for what is coming up next for you.
  • When you do something new, check in with yourself and decide whether it’s something you want to continue doing or something that felt off for you.
  • Everyone has their own path and their own method for facing limiting beliefs that are holding them back. But whatever that path is, it is not meant to be traveled alone.

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