97. How to Plan Your Staycation!

With everything that’s going on in the world today, isolation and uncertainty can begin to take a toll. I’ve sensed a different type of exhaustion lately, and if my self-care routine isn’t refueling me or if I’m neglecting my need to serve others, then I am truly good to no one.

So, I’ve blocked off the week as my “staycation” week. Under normal circumstances, traveling can be a great way of checking out and giving yourself some separation from the rest of the world—but we’re not dealing with normal circumstances. Still, nothing stops me from being able to do this in my own hometown. We don’t always have to get outside of our current environment to recharge.

Let’s talk about how you can create a staycation that allows you to explore in your hometown, while also allowing you to check out and refuel.

Planning on a Perfect Staycation

  • Staying connected is a choice, and so is unplugging and distancing yourself from email or social media.
  • Become present in the space that surrounds you, or even change it up to put yourself in a new environment.
  • Explore the town you live in and find things you’ve yet to experience with the same level of curiosity you would if you were traveling somewhere new.
  • Experiment with food, order new things, and play around in the kitchen. Have an adventure with your meals!
  • Plan on creative ways to have a deeper connection with the people you love.

Have any more questions?

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