96. From Freelance to True Business Builder | with Lisa Cumes

If you are a freelancer — or if you dream of one day quitting your day job to start your own business — this episode is a must.

Lisa Cumes has gone on a journey that a lot of people dream of: she quit her day job, started working for herself, got so many clients that she had to start hiring, and now runs a six-figure online copywriting business called Simple Story Solutions.

But Lisa didn’t stop there. She launched a second business, The Copywriter Coach, to help other freelancers stop hustling and start building thriving, full-time businesses.

A lot of people only dream of starting a business, but it’s something really anyone can achieve — especially if you follow the models laid out by people who have already succeeded such as Lisa.

How to Scale Past Yourself & Build a Self-Sustaining Business

  • “Only do what only you can do.” —Andy Stanley
  • This piece of advice, which Lisa first picked up from Mike Michalowicz, helped her realize what she needed to do to grow her business.
  • It was hard to admit, but the thing she could most easily delegate in her copywriting business was… copywriting! It was everything else she did that really made the business successful.
  • So, Lisa formalized the process she went through when she started the business into an SOP for new hires, then she hired three freelance copywriters. And so far, even though she isn’t writing every word, she hasn’t received any client complaints.
  • And as a result of doing this, Lisa tripled the revenue, which meant she was able to not just help more clients but help everyone on her team build the life they want to live.
  • If you do this regularly — build a product or service (even within the same business), formalize the process, and then hire people to follow the process — you will never stop creating new opportunities for yourself and the people who you serve.

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