95. First Step to Landing Your Ideal Job

There are a lot of people in transition right now, both by choice and by circumstance. That can be really scary, but it can also be an opportunity to pivot and position yourself towards something even better.

That positioning is really important, too! I see a lot of resumes, and I can tell you that most people aren’t positioning themselves very well. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to attract what’s next, knowing that there are millions of people in the exact same situation, this episode is for you.

And of the best places to start is by designing your ideal job — because if you’re not clear on where you’re trying to go, then every step you take is either going to keep you exactly where you are or not get you anything at all.

How to Design Your Ideal Job

  • The goal of this exercise to put together a job that is 100% aligned with what you want.
  • Start by going out and finding three job descriptions that sound awesome, that you would totally want to do. Then really dig in and identify what it is about each job that appeals to you. Take the best parts of each to Frankenstein together your ideal job. 
  • You might find that a job you originally thought sounded great actually includes some roles or tasks that you don’t like at all. If you do, branch out your search a little more and look at job descriptions from different careers or industries.
  • Second, translate your past — your career experience, skillset, and qualifications to date — and create a resume that addresses each point in the ideal job description. Keep in mind that it’s really important to talk about what you want next, too. 
  • You might want to hire or recruit someone to help you do this part if it’s not a natural part of your skillset.
  • You can also find my ideal resume format in the Badass Career Boost Program]

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