89. Stop Assuming, Stop Avoiding, & Start Asking

A few weeks ago, I invited all of you to text me your questions (917-540-5782). I’ve been trying to reply to all of your questions directly via text, and in this episode, I want to address one in particular:

As a leader, how can I connect better with my team?

I love this question. I am all about deep connection, and the first step to nurturing those important connections is realizing that, as a leader, you have to step up and do the work!

How to Build Better Connections:

  • If you really want to take clear and aligned action, then you have to stop assuming and start knowing.
  • When I was writing “Lead With Value,” I identified this tendency for managers to make assumptions about the people they lead as one of the most common obstacles for improving business performance. You can learn more about this subject in Chapter 8, including a facilitation guide.
  • If something doesn’t seem to be flowing well in your business, it means there’s a breakdown in communication somewhere.
  • But there’s one thing any leader can do to address nearly all communication problems: stop assuming you know what someone thinks or wants and start asking more questions!
  • One thing you should definitely ask each individual on your team about is their preferred communication style. When you learn their communication style and what they need from you in order to understand what you’re sharing (and vice versa), then all of the friction goes away and no one is left guessing what someone else needs.

Now, let’s turn this into a conversation! 

Text message Kareen at 917-540-5782 to get your direct questions regarding the content of the podcast answered. 

Take a screenshot of your phone while you’re listening, share it on Insta with your biggest takeaway, and tag me: @kareenzwalsh or @yourbadassjourneypodcast. And if you have any questions about what we discuss in this episode or a problem you’re currently experiencing, I want you to slide into those DMs or send an email to [email protected] so that I can answer it on a future episode.


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