83. Get Clear & Step Into Aligned Action

Clarity wins. Always.

So, whenever I’m in overwhelm, whenever I’m sitting in a reactionary space, I have to get super clear on what’s going on with me and what it is that I truly want — and, to be completely honest, that’s been happening a lot lately.

This just goes to show: even if you’ve been walking the path of self-mastery for years, for decades, you still have to come back to the basics. We’re constantly evolving and the things that fill us with fulfillment are constantly changing, too.

So, today, I’m sharing an exercise you can do to identify what the most aligned and fulfilling action available to you right now is so that you can move forward with clarity.

Before You Start the Exercise...

  • Back in episode 79, I shared a fulfillment activity. If you haven’t done that yet, go back and listen to the episode because this is where we need to start. If you have already done it, grab your journal and pull out your list!
  • Knowing what fills you up, where you are thriving, and what helps you stay in your zone of genius will help you figure out what aligned action might look like in the areas of your life that are currently pulling you away from your aligned vision (i.e. the areas of your life that aren’t giving you fulfillment right now).
  • For example: if you score your fulfillment from your health as a 3/10 and your career as a 9/10, you may want to go through this exercise through the lens of your health.

How to Identify Aligned Action

  • Draw two lines on a piece of paper to divide it into four equal quadrants.
  • On the top left section, draw a happy face. List the things that have gone so well that you want to celebrate them. Set a specific time-frame.
  • On the bottom left section, draw a sad face. List the things that you need to stop doing because they’re distracting you, holding you back, or keeping you out of alignment. What’s stopping you from feeling more fulfilled in this area of your life?
  • On the top right section, draw a plus sign and write your answer(s) to this question: what can you start doing that will help you sustain the things that are going really well or replace the things that you need to stop doing?
  • On the bottom right section, pick just ONE thing you listed in the top right section, whatever excites you the most. Of the things you listed, what is the one thing that will give you the most fulfillment in this area of your life that is currently draining you?
  • Now you have clarity on an aligned action you can take. I recommend repeating this exercise consistently over time. As things change in your life, as your desires change, your actions might need to change to stay aligned.

If you want more guidance with this exercise or more exercises like it, you can find them in the SLP Mastery Workbook.

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