82. How to Design Your Ideal Day

Over the last few episodes, we’ve been going through exercises outlined in the Strategic Life Planning Mastery Workbook. In episode 79, you took your first step towards aligned living. Then you identified the things you really want in life, put a BIG dream down on paper, and identified your personal zone of genius. Today, we’re going to zoom in and figure out what your ideal day looks like.

This is an incredible model that anyone can follow to dream big, make a plan, jump into action, and step forward with clarity. It’s served me really well over the years, and I know it’ll help you too if you follow the model. You can get your SLP Mastery Workbook at www.kareenwalsh.com/slpmastery.

When we’re looking at your day through this model, we’re looking at how you’re showing up in the world, your daily routine, the activities you do most, who you’re connecting with, and who you are serving. This exercise focuses on What you want and Why because we can always work backwards to figure out the How later (and we will in the next episode).

How to Design Your Ideal Day

  • Start by asking yourself a few questions. In an ideal world… How do you take care of yourself? What are your self-care daily habits? How do you connect to self after you wake up? How do you connect with the other people in your life? Who do you work with? When do you show up for your job? What are you wearing? Who are your clients? How excited are you to show up every day? Why are you excited? What does your social life look like? How much of your day is spent working and how much is spent socializing? What kind of meals are you having? Are you taking care of other people? Who are you mentoring? Who are you giving back to? What does impact look like?
  • Collect the answers that really stick out to you as your ideal day. You can even write out, from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep, everything you do during your ideal day This will show you really have clarity.
  • When you get the answers to these questions down on paper, then you can compare that to what your day looks like now. From there, we can start working backwards to figure out the How.

Now, let’s turn this into a conversation! 

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