80. Do You Know What You Really Want? It Matters.

In the last episode, I shared some tools and tips that will help you take the first step towards self-mastery. If you haven’t listened already, I recommend checking it out before listening to this one because we’ll be continuing our conversation about aligned living.

In this episode, I’ll be introducing you to another foundational principle of aligned living: DREAMING BIG.

You can accomplish a lot in your life by just hustling and working hard. I did for years. But, sooner or later, you’re going to burn out or hit a wall. If you really want to live an extraordinary life, one where you get to enjoy every aspect of your life, it has to be an aligned life — one where your goals, your actions, and your outcomes are all in sync.

But it often takes someone else asking you big questions to get you to start thinking big. Even now, decades into practicing these principles of self-mastery and aligned living, I need to intentionally set the time aside and surround myself with people who are asking big questions to go through this process. This doesn’t come naturally to most people, and most of us need to build systems and communities that help us and push us forward.

How to Start Dreaming BIG

  • When you’re casting a vision of your future, it’s important that you put it down on paper. This helps you realize the dream, see the inspiration daily, and gives you a little accountability to take action.
  • It’s also important to make specific, tangible goals. You don’t just want a bigger house and more time with your family. You want a house on the coast of Maine and a business that makes multiple seven figures in recurring revenue so that you have the financial freedom to choose how to spend your time, pay other people what they deserve, and improve the lives of your customers. Heck, get even more specific than that. 
  • If you don’t have a specific and tangible goal, you can’t take aligned action.
  • This is the best question to answer, to journal on, and to discuss with the people closest to you: Wouldn’t it be cool if ____?
  • List all of the things. Don’t put a limit on your dreams. Don’t put a limit on your kids’ dreams. Take at least 10 minutes to do this exercise, or bring it into your daily conversations, but don’t forget to write down the answers!
  • Once you have a list, start ranking them by priority. This will help you identify the North Star that will dictate every action you take moving forward.

Now, let’s turn this into a conversation! 

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