Your Badass Journey Guest, Jen Meehan

Jen Meehan is one of the most compassionate coaches I know in the business. I wanted to bring her on the show because has been on an epic journey to figuring out how to bring her own personal impact into the world.

One of the things that Jen and I have in common is that we do what I like to call “personal version control.” The idea is that you’re always becoming a new version of yourself with everything you learn and integrate into your life, like a software updating from version 1.0 to 2.0.

When you take this approach to coaching, it allows you to help your clients figure out how they can become the version of who they want to be right now for themselves, their family, and their business – but you really have to do this for yourself before you can do it for anyone else.

The Ups & Downs of a Badass Journey

Jen and her husband have owned quite a few businesses together, in a wide variety of industries, but it hasn't always been sunshine and roses. They’ve had to overcome a number of obstacles and challenges, and then a few more after that.

But sometimes we have to almost be debilitated to rebuild and recognize the gifts that are right in front of us.

“I believed I was my business. I believed that my own worth was only to the equivalent of what I could produce monetarily. And it was very challenging,” Jen says. “I totally lost myself. And I kinda look at it as like that wake-up call from the universe.”

But Jen didn’t quite get the message at first: she and her husband started a business, partnered with someone else, and then got fired from their own business.

Then they joined another company and that company also went out of business, as well as the company they were previously fired from.

This was in 2007, right at the beginning of the crash. They could have lost even more, but they started contacting and helping the clients that worked with the now-closed businesses they had worked in.

After months and months of talking to vendors and working on weekends for little to no pay, they had a huge referral base. ”So, from building on that and caring so much about our clients, we built a whole new reputation within eight months and our first client check was $40,000.”

A Compassionate Awakening

One of the most important lessons that Jen had to learn was to embrace her feminine.

“I lived from that masculine place, that masculine doing, achieving, making and setting goals, and just going after them no matter what. You know, that serious grit.

“But it turned out that my power, my true authentic power, is in the feminine, is in that compassion.”

There is great power in compassion, heart, and creating an intimate connection with other human beings – and there is so much change that can occur within your business, within yourself, and in your relationships through that kind of compassion.

Navigating the Space Between: From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Jen has written a book about her journey, Navigating the Space Between, that provides the tools anyone needs “to be able to get to new beliefs, and open your mind, understand a bigger perspective of what's going on in your life to be able to cope with the chaos and the stress that comes with having multiple businesses, and children, and a life." 



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