Your Badass Journey Guest, Al Cavalieri

Al Cavalieri is the Head of Marketing at a CION Investments in NYC. Having been in the marketing space for the better half of a decade and as a former college athlete, Al is super passionate about storytelling, organizational intricacies, what makes the best-of-the-best successful, and the value of hard work.

He's learned that you get out what you put in and in order to succeed, meaning you need to give 100%, 24/7.

Al’s Badass Career Journey

Al even started his career like a badass – with a leap of faith.

He jumped into the unknown of New York City right out of college, with the confidence that he’d make it no matter what.

After a couple months, Al found himself working for a headhunting firm.

“Till this day, I tell everybody that was the best learning experience in my life.”If you don't know anything about headhunting, it’s one of the hardest sales jobs in the industry: you're calling a hundred people a day, cold calls 90% of the time, and you're emailing another 200. “So it’s trial by fire, and you're learning rejection extremely fast.”

He then found himself at Blackrock, eventually working his way up from a contractor to the Vice President of Digital Strategy, where he was responsible for leading digital transformation for the iShares US experience, including SEO, user experience, engagement programs, and content syndication.

Get a Sales Job

Al tells everyone who asks for career advice to get a sales job (or something in a business development role), at some point in their career.

One, it teaches you how to handle rejection, an important skill in more or less any industry.

Two, it teaches you how to build and maintain relationships – which is, without a doubt, one of the most important skills you can develop.

Three, it helps you understand how different teams come together and how to create a cohesive strategy, which is critical in any leadership role.

Physical & Mental Self-Care

Al isn’t just a badass in branding, marketing, business, and team building – he also has a badass outlook on health, wellness, and self-care; important but often overlooked ingredients in a fulfilling life.

Although Al’s early morning fitness routine started in an effort to achieve physical health, it’s really become a boon for his mental wellness. The physical exercise helps keep him rooted in routine in every area of his life, quieting his mind in the process.

Al has also been trying to incorporate more meditation into his routine lately, something that’s become indispensable in my own routine over the past few years.

If you want to watch my own guided Satya Meditation, you can check that out below. I also recommend learning more about Tony Robbins’ daily priming exercise, which you can check out here:

And if these practices don’t work for you, try out a different style of meditation! There is no one right way to meditate. You can even try the Headspace app, which Al has found really helpful in his own practice.



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