Your Badass Journey Guest, Kelli Reese

Kelli Reese is a former CEO turned leadership and transformation coach, as well as the best-selling author of two books: The Destiny Roadmap and The Relationship Roadmap

She is currently living in Tulum, Mexico because she found a calling to go live her best life there and lead from there, and she has designed a life that she is really proud of.

I just recently had the opportunity to meet Kelli and I had to have her on the show because she's so heart-centered in the way that she leads her life today. But most of all, because she brings that practice into her retreats, her group coaching, and her leadership programs.

So, I hope you enjoy today's conversation. It was a really a lot of fun for us to toggle between different topics, and what we see as coaches in the space, and really shed a light on taking the time, stepping out of your comfort zone, and really forming the life that you dream of, knowing that there are many possibilities in making it happen once you step into the decision of wanting what's next.

A Long Physical & Spiritual Journey

Kelli’s spiritual journey began back in 1995, and since she got on that path, it has been a process of learning to trust; learning to trust her internal guidance, learning to trust herself and what she’s receiving, and learning to trust that it’s okay to love who she is, even with all of the flaws that she identified back when she was so miserable.

She stopped looking to her growing list of whens (when I meet a guy, when I finally get married, when I have the job I want) and started to take responsibility for her own happiness.

So, even while she was building a career, she was also furthering her spiritual growth – and she firmly believes that our personal growth and spiritual growth are inextricably linked.

But, after growing for about a decade, it was clear to Kelli that she had to align her spiritual path with her work. So, in 2015, Kelli boldly walked away from a 17-year career running a $34 million organization. Then, a year and a half later, she left her 15-year relationship so she could find her path beyond a stressful six-figure job, a BMW, and the idea of the “perfect” marriage. 

Creating Your Life

Kelli is now on a mission to motivate, empower, and inspire women to be brave and live the life their soul is calling for. She specializes in providing clarity in the unknown and helping clients understand their truth so they can stop hiding, take action, and have confidence in their path.

She's become known not just as a coach but as a Practical Mystic because she seamlessly combines her spiritual side with her practical business acumen to lead clients and readers on a bold journey of self-discovery and clarity. 

Everything she does is geared toward giving women the tools and practices to develop trust and confidence in accessing their internal guidance and creating the relationships, careers, and lives they yearn for.

And this work to discover your relationship with self is so, so important.

Kelli says that discovering your relationship with self :is about having your own back. It's about saying what needs to be said, even when it's uncomfortable or scary. It's about knowing your truths and staying true to yourself.”

It’s the only constant thing that shows up in all areas of your life. So, of course, things start to flow easier when you identify what truth means to you and how you can show up in the world. And we live in a world right now, especially if you're in North America, where you can literally design your life to be whatever you want it to be. So, if you haven’t, I encourage you to follow Kelli’s lead and check in with yourself to figure some things out: Is this the right place for you now? Have you outgrown this version of yourself? Is it time to establish another one?

I think that it's super important to do this work on self because if you're not growing, if you're not evolving into what's next, you're basically just in a flat line. You don’t have to look at the world in muted colors when there is vibrancy and brightness that you could be living every single day.



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