Your Badass Journey Guest, Kimberly Alexander

The training and development that occurs in organizations of all sizes are often, well, lacking. After experiencing this development deficit firsthand, our guest Kimberly Alexander created a framework she called The Results Map – and it was so effective that she started a company to teach this framework to others.

Using The Results Map, and also The Grow Grid, Kimberly empowers her clients – particularly female entrepreneurs – to step out, stretch, and play big.

But how did Kimberly get here?

“I was in the corporate world for a little over 25 years. I'm one of those crazy people that absolutely loved it,” Kimberly says. “I mean, I really truly loved it.”

Kimberly was traveling the majority of the time, loving the work, but she was also a mother to two young girls and a wife to an amazing husband. “I was dying on the inside. I was losing my sense of self... Just everyone in my life was falling by the wayside.”

This really hit home when Kimberly came home one day to find her kids’ chalk drawing on the sidewalk outside of her house: a daddy and two little girls.

It felt like her kids virtually forgot she existed – “I cried for days and thought there’s got to be a way to really truly have it all,” and we can!

Creating The Results Map

So Kimberly wrote a series of exercises to help her show up “150% at work and 150% in my life.” And the program changed her life.

She then took it to another company, and it helped them too! Not only did the individuals she coached improve their own lives, but the business grew too.

“I took everything I loved, took everything I knew to build a business and truly empower women, and started my own company. That was six years ago and I never looked back!”

The Year of the Woman

Since starting her own company, empowering other women has really become a focus for Kimberly.

Because, a little too often, women sell themselves short. We say we’re breaking the glass ceiling, but we’re usually playing it safe – and we can do SO MUCH!

Showing up in a big way doesn’t mean you have to be the next Tony Robbins or sell out international stages. “It means stretching yourself to your fullest capabilities. And when you feel like you’re being stretched, could you just go that other half inch more? 

This is the year of the woman. So, it's time to show up and really do your thing!”



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