Your Badass Journey Guest, Miss Jordan

Today I’m honored to bring you the story of Miss Jordan Lewis, or Miss Jordan. She is a spiritual awakening and women’s empowerment consultant and founder of The Unicorn Way, a company that helps people world-wide identify the truth of their soul and live from that space. Her infectious energy can be felt immediately by those willing to let the light in and experience life differently – and I think you’ll definitely see some of that light shining through in this interview!

I'm excited to share this episode because it focuses on that spiritual connection in everything that we do, and although we’ve talked a lot about alignment, we haven’t really talked too much about that aspect of it. So, when you think about your intuition or when you think about that gut check that helps you make your decisions, it really is about that spiritual connection within us that helps us move through it all.

And what Jordan shares with us today is how she's heeded her calling, I would say, in order to build a business and practice in the most authentic way. I thought it was important to share this type of conversation with you because some of you out there might be denying who you really want to be by listening to other people's stories of who they think you should be – and as Miss Jordan shares in this episode, “Your job is to deliver whatever you're bringing into the world. It is not your job to determine or control how other people receive it.”

Getting Out of the Spiritual Closet

Although Miss Jordan now stands full in her own radical truth, letting that encompass every aspect of her life and being, she hasn’t always lived a life that was in alignment. Like most of us, she spent a long time letting other people’s story about who she should be quiet the voice she heard in her own head.

She’s had a deep spiritual connection since she was young, but as a kid, she feared not being received properly, not fitting in, or someone not understanding her. “And so, I muted my own voice for a long time, and my knowings, and my sharing.”

She took jobs that didn’t serve her. She entered relationships that didn’t allow her to fully express herself, although through no fault of the men she allowed into her life. “I just wanted to be seen, and loved, and perceived by him in a certain way,” Miss Jordans says, “and I did not realize at the time that the purest of love is only found within yourself, period.” You can't get it from an outside source.

And I think a lot of us struggle to understand that. We spend a lot of our lives looking for validation and love from external sources; we look to relationships, friends, and family instead of just truly being on a path of self-love.

Miss Jordan eventually found herself working as a court reporter, and she made good money, but she had to be impartial. She had to take the record while offering up no opinion, no solution. As a result, she felt like a fly.

This was the first time in a long time that she heard that voice in the back of her head and actually listened – "This is not in alignment.”

Finding Alignment

So Miss Jordan found herself working as a parole officer, taking the form of more of a counselor rehabilitative officer versus a law enforcement officer. And at the time, she thought she wanted to have children. So, on one particularly dangerous night when she was snowed in with no cell phone service, she received a download and she knew, “If you continue on this path, you'll serve, but you probably can't have children. I don't think it's going to be safe.”

So she went back to beauty school and opened a salon, but it still wasn’t in alignment. She wanted to serve, but not in this way. She wanted to be a middleman for women between the surface level of self that society, family, marriage, and whatever conditioned them to be and the truth of their soul and their higher self.

When she met Lori Harder and attended her first Bliss Project, however, she saw the way Lori was profoundly affecting other women by just reintroducing them to themselves. Miss Jordan realized, "I need to connect with women on this level. I want them to feel beautiful, confident, and all the things they feel when I turn them around in the salon chair, but I want them to have the ability to self-heal, rehabilitate, and shift their experience on a deep level how I did in parole."

Although Jordan now works with men, too, her coaching is still effectively the same. She doesn’t pretend to be all-knowing and then direct people how to live their lives. She “acts as a vessel for the message that's coming through from a higher source for them to create and develop their own experience.”

And I think this is so necessary because we all need to create the space to step up into our own truth so that we can attract the life and the lifestyle that we deserve.

“You'll get whispers. And then, they'll become a scream. And, for lack of better language, eventually, you'll get a universal b**** slap, if you don't listen and if you choose to not align.”



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