Your Badass Journey Guest, Aimeelene Gaspar

It is so unique to find leaders that go out of their way to make sure that their team shines (without neglecting their clients, of course), but that is precisely the kind of badass leader Aimeelene Gaspar is.

Aimeelene has been working as a product manager in a variety of Financial Technology startups as long as I’ve known her, but now she’s taking all of that experience and starting her own company, LionX, to address a problem that sorely needs attention: our privacy!

LionX: A New Solution for Protecting Your Data & Privacy

Data is an increasingly valuable commodity, driving how more and more businesses are run today. So we need to be more responsible about how we use that information, how we share it, and how we help people understand how businesses are using it.

But after seeing things like Cambridge Analytica misusing 50 million user profiles and the Equifax leak, it’s pretty obvious that everybody's at risk right now.

So LionX is building out a service that will allow both individuals and businesses to take control over how and when their data and information is shared with others, whether that’s a potential investor, someone you’re purchasing from, or a landlord.

Learning to Lead & The Value Exchange

Although the last startup that Aimeelene worked at didn’t end well, that experience “is what gave me the confidence to know that I can bring people together, that we can align behind a vision, and that we can bring it to life; that we can succeed together.”

But being put into a leadership role doesn’t mean you know everything. So you have to understand what your value is, what your gifts are, and what you want to achieve. Then you have to be willing to understand your people’s value and gifts and create an environment where everyone feels safe sharing and contributing.

In that environment, you can create something greater than any one of you could achieve alone – a symbiotic paradigm that I like to refer to as the value exchange.

“You have to surround yourself with people who can fill the gaps for you as a leader. And if you can bring together a great team that has all the different facets to bring it to life, that's amazing. That's fun!”


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