Your Badass Journey Guest, Reuben Driedger

Reuben Driedger is the CEO of Coaches Creating Impact, which helps fitness pros and health practitioners get online with their business so that they can scale. He helps his clients raise their rates, work with their clients, and really fulfill their vision in a way that builds sustainable income. He is a heart-centered businessman and just loves showing others how to do the same.

In today's conversation, we discuss how he became an entrepreneur, what he learned along the way, and what he is focused on today so that he can impact even more lives in the future.

Bricklayer to Entrepreneur

Reuben grew up up in a tiny Canadian town with a population of about 800 people. It was a really conservative environment where everyone was either a farmer or a tradesman – so not a lot of entrepreneurs.

He loved growing up there, but after he left, he started to see what else the world had to offer. He realized a lot of the insecurities and different mindsets that he developed growing up in that environment, and it was actually quite difficult to overcome that to even start his badass journey of entrepreneurship (a challenge that a lot of us have to overcome at some point in our entrepreneurial prologue).

His wife, however, grew up in an entrepreneurial household, and just a month after they got married, she started working for herself. While he was working 50 hours a week literally laying brick, she was at home and earning more than him – and something just didn’t feel right about that.

“So, that started my quest to become an entrepreneur... I made tons of bad decisions, got into debt – like kind of the norm for an entrepreneur, to be completely honest. And it kind of just transformed to where we finally found some businesses that worked for us, we started to make money, and it started just this kind of snowball effect to where we are today.”

Where We Are Today

Their first successful business was online health coaching. People started asking them how they found success, so he started giving advice. Then one of Reuben’s friends came back and said he made $3000 in a week – and “I was just like, you should be giving me some of that money!”

Reuben started to realize that, innately, he does love helping people transform their lives, but his passion isn’t fitness – it’s the business side of things. He loves marketing, branding, and sales, and how it all flows together.

So now, Reuben helps personal trainers and health coaches, mainly, scale successful online coaching services.

I love this because there is a really big gap for health-based practitioners. These are people who really are passionate about their service, but they don't necessarily want to or know how to build the business infrastructure around it. So, Reuben’s simple tools, methods, and community of support is so needed in the health and wellness space.

Income & Impact

Some people will say things like, "Impact is greater than income,” but here’s the funny thing: as soon as you start making a higher income, usually through different pricing or marketing strategies, you can make a bigger impact!

And Reuben sees that whenever his clients charge more, their clients get better results. Clients who are willing to pay for higher ticket items are both more fun to work with and more committed to change – so everyone involved benefits. 

“And it's funny how as soon as you do that, you can work with a smaller amount of people but have a greater impact. And then, you can scale your business in other ways to impact more lives in general.”



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