Your Badass Journey Guest, Leslie Lee

Leslie Lee is a Master Creator, RN, Beauty Guru, and Serial Entrepreneur – as well as an imperfect mother of four, wife, and recovering control freak.

Leslie’s newest venture is Aesthetic Creator, a for-purpose business that’s all about making a bigger impact on the world of beauty and self-empowerment. They are raising the bar in the aesthetic industry, leading to happier patients, innovative techniques, and a better standard for beauty and health.

This is Leslie’s unique passion, but she believes that we’re all unique – and with our uniqueness, we can all make an impact on the world around us.

Leslie’s Badass Journey

Unbeknownst to her, Leslie got pregnant as a senior in high school, immediately before going to cosmetology school. So she graduated high school in May, graduated cosmetology school in July, and then had a baby in September.

Her daughter is an 18-year-old now, and looking at her, Leslie could never imagine that for her – but she didn't have an option, so she made it work. Her now-ex then left while she was pregnant with their second child, leaving her a single mother of two.

But Leslie didn’t complain. (She has no patience for complaining). She took action, hustled, and thrived so that her children could thrive, too.

For-Purpose Empowerment

As an Aesthetician and RN, Leslie was trained by some of the best providers in the world, and now she wants to share what she’s learned with others. And by empowering and educating providers, she get to fulfill her true mission – having a bigger impact on the world of beauty and self-empowerment.

One of the ways she does this is through AestheticBox, which contains pretty much anything an injector would need to start out (except for the Botox and fillers, which you need to get through a medical director).

Then, whenever somebody purchases that box, Aesthetic Creator donates another box to a battered women's shelter or to a human trafficking organization. “The business model that we wanted to create was something that was for a purpose.” And if there is somewhere that you know could use that second box, you can even request for it to be donated there.

On top of that, there is HopeBox, which is a donated box filled with love and intention, for women in need. It contains basic necessities and personal care items meant to lift spirits and feed souls, including personal stories from everyone at Aesthetic Creator, as well as the purchaser’s story, if they’d like to include it.

“I think that when you're in those situations, you want something to give you hope or to make you feel like a little bit better... because I think sometimes, in these situations, you don't have anything but hope.” 



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