Your Badass Journey Guest, Tara Romano

Tara Romano is a serial entrepreneur, performer, teacher, personal development junkie, and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping others unleash and let go so that they can become the best version of themselves.

Whether it’s hosting Tone & Tease masterclasses around the world, speaking at conferences, or confessing the struggles of her love for carbo loaded temptations on an IG live, Tara want you to know that being perfectly imperfect is something to celebrate!

But getting to this point was, of course, quite the journey.

Tara was about a decade into her life of bartending at night and teaching group fitness classes during the day when she said to herself, “I’m 33. What is going on? I need to do something with my life.” That isn’t to say that she didn’t work very hard – she’d been working since she was 10 – but it wasn’t aligned with who she wanted to be or what she wanted in life.

But then she found network marketing and started incorporating that into her fitness classes and, at the same time, exploring a new kind of dance fitness called Tone & Tease. She was growing her business and putting fitness routines on YouTube, “and then I just grew into momentum.”

Tara says it felt effortless, but I think that’s underselling how much work she did. When I hear people describe something as effortless, to me, that's alignment, that's when you're able to connect with the essence of who you are and figure out ways to generate income doing it.

Tone & Tease

“So, I just started to create dances with a body bar. Then, I used a towel. Then, I used a chair... So, it evolved over time where it's basic dance and fitness moves with a sexy edge, easy to follow.”

People love it, and it just brings out this other side to them because they associate the steps with things that they do in their daily life. “It's not just about the dance moves. It's about what you can actually do, basically, when you're sitting and walking.”

It’s not like a striptease workout by any means. I’ve taken the class, and what I love about it is that it's like a nurturing connection to self, which we don't do often enough.

Tara starts the classes off by reminding the group that we're all sexual beings – It's just who we are. But, sometimes, we forget to tap into that because we don't always feel so sexy or beautiful. But in Tone & Tease, you just tap into that fun side of yourself, and when you can feel that energy, you portray it on the outside too.

Your Life Unleashed 

This is a one day power packed self-love fest so that you can let go of that sh*t that bogs you down, crush those limiting beliefs, and move into alignment with who you are. You can become part of this wonderful tribe on April 13, 2019 at Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch, NJ.

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