Your Badass Journey Guest, Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine is a real estate investor and founder of the Valentine Group, a group of people collaborating to better serve all kinds of clients inside the real estate community.

Steve and his family are knocking it out of the park right now, and they’re teaching others how to do the same, but he had to weather a few storms to get here.

20 years ago, Steve, his wife, and his parents started a real estate team in the Phoenix area. Then, in 2006, they lost everything in the real estate market crash. “At the time, we had quite a few employees and different businesses, and we kind of took our eye off the ball, and we ended up not doing the things that we should have done, which caused the crumbling of... the empire at the time.”

But today, Steve doesn’t see the crash as something that happened to them – it happened for them.

They learned a lot from it, including more creative ways to invest in the real estate market. However, they were still stuck with a million dollars of debt, and the Valentines vowed not to file bankruptcy or screw over the other people involved. “And so, we really worked our ass off. You talk about a badass journey. We worked our ass off for six years paying back every penny of that debt to get us to where we're at.”

Steve also experienced a major health obstacle right in the middle of all of this, in the form of a broken neck. He was given the option to have surgery, but with a 50/50 chance of paralysis.

“There's no magic pill for any of us. There is only our mindset, and the mindset is going to work with our determination of what we want to accomplish. Your mindset is going to determine how you're going to process something, whether it's good or bad.

“We've all been given opportunities in our life. And how you determine the way you're going to get out of it is going to determine the results that you receive in life.”

The Limitless Project

The Limitless Project is one of Steve’s greatest passions, and a way for him to carry on the legacy of his father. It's an eight-week course that's really about mindset and understanding the different opportunities that are in front of you, instead of looking at potentially missed opportunities behind you with regret.

Steve’s father spent the last five years of his life focusing on educating other real estate entrepreneurs, and Steve wants to honor that – but he also wants to bring a level of implementation into it that his father was missing.

Steve sees the real estate industry evolving faster than people expected it to, which means there area lot of different options for buyers and sellers when it comes down to the technology and methodology. So there’s a lot of competition out there, and a lot of opportunity.

“There's about 95% of real estate agents out there that have not or don't invest in the industry that they know the most because they don't know how.” Right now, the market is segregated into wholesaling seminars, investment courses, flipping courses, and a million other investment strategies you might see advertised to you on Facebook. But Steve didn’t see anyone out there tying this all together with what it takes to actually run a real estate practice.

“So, now, I'm really focused on making sure that the real estate industry or the agents don't get left behind [because] they don't not see the opportunities that are in front of them with clients, and how to solve somebody's problems,” Steve says.”

“I want to have a limitless mindset that I have the ability to accomplish anything I want inside this business because I have the mindset to do it, and nothing is going to hold me back."



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