Your Badass Journey Guest, Lisa Kavanaugh

Lisa Kavanaugh is one of my oldest friends, and I am so inspired with how she lives her life; how she has found alignment with her business and what she loves, making sure she does it almost every single day.

In a previous life, Lisa led software teams of all shapes and sizes, journeying from programmer to CTO with the help of powerful coaching. But since then, she has shifted her focus to working one-on-one with clients to partner in the creation of more meaningful impact in their personal and professional lives.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

In 2013, Lisa and her husband sold their cars, rented out their house, and backpacked around the world for a year. The plan was to then go back, dust off the resumé, and get back into the grind – but at the end of the year, something had shifted in Lisa and there was no going back.

So that year turned into six, and they now split their time between California, Mexico, Portugal, and “somewhere exciting and new,” living a full digital nomad life. 

“My experience allows me to call forth the courage in my clients to make their big heart-led leaps, whether to redesign their life to be location-independent and travel the world or lead authentically and bravely from right where they are.”

Lisa’s takes an awareness-based approach, focused on aligning impact with individual values and sense of purpose. She strives to empower her clients to maximize capacity and satisfaction in their daily lives. “I listen between the lines, reflect what I’m seeing, and challenge you to probe deeper for new awareness.”

Surf Your Soul

Lisa hosts five-day retreats called Surf Your Soul in Sayulita, Mexico. 

“It brings together these two parts of my life that I'm so passionate about. It brings together the outdoors, and Mexico, and surfing, and being outside your comfort zone in nature and the waves. 

“Everything becomes really real when you're paddling far away. And a space to really step away from the busyness of life and all of the pulls of your day-to-day schedule, and really give yourself a time to pause, and reflect, and recalibrate on what's really important to me.”

The first half of each day is a surf sessions, and a lot of participants are entirely new to surfing so don’t let that scare you away! Then, in the afternoons, everyone sits down with journals and pens in a workshop setting. You search within and get connected to heart and soul – plus, there’s a lot of tacos!

It’s the perfect place to get in tune with yourself, listen to our body, and use your body to help guide you towards fulfillment, alignment, and resonance

So this year, consider joining Lisa and giving yourself the gift of time and space.

“The capacity that you go back to your life with as a partner, as a mother, as a friend, as a coworker, as a leader, I feel like it should be mandatory. I think, everybody should be assigned a therapist at birth, and be given a week-long retreat every quarter.”



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