Your Badass Journey Guest, Marcie Tucker

In Episode 2, you get to meet Marcie Tucker, CEO & Founder of 99Agree, a pioneer and recognized expert in roommate relationship research and effective strategies for healthy relationships, and she has a lot of really exciting insight to share today – plus, a pretty badass journey from academia to tech entrepreneurship!

Not only will you learn about creating this unique company and platform, but you’ll learn how Marcie and 99Agree are able to facilitate a deeper connection and a higher level of communication between people – just by helping them agree on how they will behave before sh*t hits the fan!

It’s a relatively simple idea, but honestly, these are communication tactics that most leaders still need to learn. So pay attention to these principles if you want to create a better business environment, corporate culture, or even romantic relationship.

Why College Campuses?

Having unresolved roommate issue is one of the top five reasons students leave school. Really, it's a traumatic event.

So how does 99Agree help with this?

At its most basic level, 99Agree helps students create some self-awareness around their behaviors.

A student might realize, “Oh, I actually prefer that the dishes don't stay in the sink, and they actually get cleaned," versus "I really don't care if the sink is totally full, we'll clean it once a week."

Those are small nuances in a roommate situation, but they can create a huge conflict and internal stress.

So based on the answers a user gives the app, they have a starting point for what they should be talking about.

Of course, there’s one thing the app will never be able to do: “Look. I have a software tool. I can't fix stupid ... All I can do is create the conditions where good things can happen.”

Pursuing Perfection is Pointless

“When I chose the name 99Agree, I was trying to think very intentionally about what I put out in the world because I also know what I want to get back,” Marcie says. “We deal in agreements.”

And two people are never going to get 100% agreement on anything.

That’s why 99Agree isn’t about perfection – it's about having the tools in place to pivot the right way so that you can move on.

I love that Marcie is giving this awareness to such a young age group because the sooner they learn this method, the more they can repeat it over and over again with any agreement they make going forward... and that’s just beautiful!

What Entrepreneurs Need to Hear

I think it's important for entrepreneurs to hear that it takes an assessment to decide what you want to continue moving forward with, what needs enhancement, and then what needs to be let go.

Really, it’s not that different than living with other people – it takes awareness, work, and communication.

And this communication process needs to happen over and over and over again, too!

So if your organization can perform a check in on a quarterly or biannual basis, the performance of that company and the service to your clients becomes much more efficient.



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