164. The Identity Crisis in Up-Leveling

When we are looking to up-level — becoming the next version of ourselves — we can often experience an identity crisis alongside it.

To accomplish new things, we have to essentially become a different person. But in the moment, it can be difficult to identify which parts of you are essential and which need to evolve. We have to take stock of the parts of ourselves that are no longer compatible with what it takes for the next version to stand in our vision. If you’re in that phase of up-leveling, there are some questions that you can ask yourself to face what’s holding you back.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Move Forward

  • Who do you need to become to create the life you truly want?
  • What beliefs about yourself do you need to let go of to become this version of yourself?
  • What do you need to dial up about yourself that has fueled each positive step you have taken up until this point?
  • Who do you need to surround yourself with to flex the new mental muscles you are trying to build?
  • Who could you get into the room to help you up-level in a way that will be easier and supported?


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