152. Caring vs. Canceling - Number 1 Leadership Principle

In John Maxwell’s “The 360 Degree Leader,” he shares a concept called the leadership loop. This concept helps you build your leadership principles and practice so that you are evolving yourself and empowering your team. There are seven principles involved in the loop, and the number one principle is caring.

Caring is a huge part of how I show up as a leader, a coach, and in my own life, and it has been an important ingredient in my success formula. When I get to the essence of my core value of love, caring is the verb I use to express that. If you can assess how you are showing up in a caring way in your leadership stance, then you can begin to learn how to embody this more in your life.

But standing in cancel culture, we need to learn to care for each other first. People are trying to show up in the best way they know how. Most are not malicious, but being called out for being wrong should not be at the detriment of someone else’s career. We have to let people make mistakes, love on them anyways, and let them grow from it.


How to Show Care Within Your Team

  • You need to see your team for who they are and the value that they bring. Even if you have differences in the way that you communicate, if you can get to the root of that, you can accomplish so much more.
  • People aren’t speaking out or being themselves for fear of being called out or told that they’re wrong. It’s okay to tell people they are wrong, but we can’t let people be afraid to say what they think.
  • You need to see the best in everybody in order to find a caring path going forward.
  • Don’t let someone else’s lack of communication hinder yours. Ask questions to fill in that gap and create a deeper connection.


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