151. How to Love on Your Team | with Jackie Serviss

Jackie Serviss is my soul partner in life and in business. We combined forces to launch Clevr Services last year and I just love working with her.

Jackie has been brought up in different corporate and executives roles, with a focus on performance and people management. She evolved into an amazing corporate leadership coach who not only helps C-suite executives reach their potential in their jobs but also helps entrepreneurs think about who they need to be as a leader as they build out their teams and company culture.

We talk about how you can show love to your team and how you can best connect and engage with your people.


How to Show Love to Our Teams

  • Sometimes, we notice that certain behaviors will cause others to perceive us more positively, and we start to pick up on those and adopt them even if they aren’t truly authentic. But when we hold back too much of ourselves at work, we start to feel that in our bodies and in our mental health.
  • Try to identify when you are posturing at work. When you’re aware of those moments, you will be able to question yourself further down the road about how you’re showing up.
  • Being yourself is the only way you’re going to be able to truly connect with your team, because nobody feels comfortable showing up as themselves when they feel as if they’re the only one doing so.
  • Find ways to spark joy, happiness, and excitement in your work interactions. In a world of remote work and Zoom fatigue, this might require some creative thinking.
  • Setting intentional expectations and boundaries for your team is loving.
  • The best way to love on your team is to ask: What do you need from me right now? Allow them to answer and listen.


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