150. Finding Your Soulmate Clients

Love is one of my core values, and I try to lean into it in everything that I am. But how do you put a love energy into your business without being too woo-woo or crossing a boundary with it?

So much of our business life is treated as if it has to be professional, unemotional, and detached. But that doesn’t contribute to a loving energy, and it doesn’t allow you to stand in who you are authentically. You need to embrace love in your business by seeking out soulmate clients.

If you feel like you’re attracting the wrong people into your business, start defining what your soulmate client looks like, feels like, and acts like.


How Do You Define and Attract Your Soulmate Clients?

  • Describe their values, their beliefs, and what they are attracting into their world. You can nail these down because they are all things that attract YOU to work with THEM.
  • Once you’ve defined them, work backwards. How can you act or put yourself out there that will attract your soulmate clients?
  • This is similar to the ideal client exercise, but you want to dig deeper: If you can identify what is in the soul of your ideal client, you can attract much faster the type of person you want that fills your soul up.


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