149. Focusing on Reciprocity | with Collette Gee

How do we create a better connection when our whole world has gone virtual?

Collette Gee is a dating and relationship specialist, author, and the founder of Finding Happily, a relationship coaching and training platform. 

She talks not only about her own love journey but how we can each do better to reignite our relationships and nurture connections with others during this difficult time. Love is something that I try to put into everything I do, not only because I value helping others but because it fuels me as well. What Collette has to share is going to help all of us bring more love into our lives, allowing us to create stronger connections, romantically or otherwise.


How to Connect Better Virtually

  • If you can’t do face-to-face time, try to get some digital facetime by hopping on a video call.
  • If you’re not feeling confident about connecting with someone, let go over your perception of yourself, who you think you are, and what you think others think about you. You never know until you make that connection, and it either works or it doesn’t. But whether it doesn’t work or you don’t even try, the outcome is the same.
  • You have to learn to love yourself before you can invite others to love you.
  • Release and let go through forgiveness, be grateful for what you have, and affirm what you want. That is what you can take to move forward in your life and this will strengthen all of your future relationships.


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