147. Strategic Alignment for 2021

I like to use the last week of the year to hyper-focus on defining who I want to be, what I want to show up in, where I want to have an impact, and what I want to feel by the end of the year. This helps to create a guiding force for all I do, while also defining boundaries on what I say yes to and what I avoid.

This year didn’t go quite as I planned, but that has only forced me to sit in the now as I plan out my visualization of 2021. As entrepreneurs, it becomes so easy to focus solely on our business because it blurs lives between personal alignment and income. It’s important that we pay attention to all areas of our lives, not just one. Let’s look at how we can find integration and balance in our lives so that we can reach our ultimate vision.


How to Live in Alignment with All Areas of Your Life

  • I break my life down into categories: Wealth, career, relationship, mindset, and health.
  • Amongst those categories, I will ask myself: What is the ultimate vision of 10/10 fulfillment in these areas?
  • Who do you need to become to make that vision a reality?
  • After you break down your goals, ask yourself who you need to assist you in achieving what you want in those areas.
  • Then ask: What is one thing out of each of these areas that I want to accomplish by a specific date?
  • If you follow these steps, you’ve now made your ultimate vision actionable.


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