143. Creating Deep Connections Virtually

What do you do if you feel like your zone of genius is in bringing people together, but the circumstances of the world are saying we need to stay apart? How do you facilitate that connection virtually in a way that’s both safe and effective?

We’re going to be dealing with social distancing for a while, which means we’ll have to think outside of the box to make sure our lives aren’t on pause until this is over. It is possible to still plan coordinated events virtually and create a strong connection between people. Let’s look at how you can facilitate those connections and reach beyond the screen.


How to Create Connections Virtually

  • Define the container that you are trying to create from this virtual event. What experience do you want people to walk away with?
  • Coordinate a shared experience that people can participate in. Whether it’s a drink that people can make at home alongside everyone, or sending people a water bottle to go along with a challenge to drink more water, or a journal with some prompt exercises. Adding that physical, interactive element will keep people more engaged.
  • Make sure you are creating conversations instead of just presenting or talking at your audience. Think of them as participants.
  • If you don’t feel confident or have the skillset to facilitate a deeper virtual connection, bring in an expert to facilitate it for you—allowing you to be the beacon that allows that connection to happen.


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