128. Learn How to Inject Joy Into Your Day! | with Elana Boulos and Katherine Wilkinson

What happens when creative people in the prime of their careers get halted by a global pandemic? They get creative!

Elana Boulos and Katherine Wilkinson are the incredible founders of Camp Joy, a startup they founded in the midst of the pandemic. They took the skillsets they have built up and applied them into a whole new arena to benefit others and bring joy to their lives every single day.

You’re going to hear their journey, and how they are working to build self-worth in themselves as entrepreneurs.

How to Inject Joy Into Your Everyday

  • Camp Joy fasciliates 30-minute pick-me-up “Joy Sessions” over five days that give small bursts of joy to your teams.
  • You can also create “Joy Injectors,” which are one-off sessions (30 to 90 minutes) which incorporate ways to celebrate or have fun.
  • Creating joy is about creating trusting relationships through communication.
  • Ask icebreaker questions with your teams. Don’t talk about what project you're working on. Instead, talk about your favorite childhood memory, or what celebrity you’d want to party with. Things that make people more relatable.
  • Pop culture is a great shorthand for making people relate to you.

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