126. How to be An Effective and Efficient Leader

How do you make the decision of whether to delegate tasks or take them on yourself?

When Dr. Nell Smircina was on the show, she discussed how she’s striving to be a more efficient leader as she grows her company and brings on more team members. This is not an easy skill to learn, especially when you’re used to doing everything in your business.

So, let’s dive deeper into making the transition from “doer” to leader and how you can make that leap as gracefully as possible in order to grow into the role you are meant to be in.

How to be an Effective and Efficient Leader

  • First, if you’re asking yourself how you can be a more effective leader, you’re already off to a good start.
  • Being an effective leader is all about moving more into asking instead of assuming. When you’re used to doing things yourself, you have to learn how to guide others into doing things without assuming they already know how and without doing them yourself.
  • Ask your team members what they need from you in order to get their job done.
  • Take the time to be sure that your team not only understands your directions, but has the knowledge and ability to implement it.
  • If you’re an employee and not a leader, ask more questions of your leaders.


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